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Office managers who need to incorporate dental office infection control practices will benefit from our consultants’ expert advice and training. We can provide your organization with dental office infection control and prevention resources, guidance, and training.

Our professionals offer advanced expertise in preventing infections and diseases even amid pandemics. We assist dental practices with specific COVID-19 protocols, on-site assessments, and infection prevention strategies. If your dental office is proactive and would like information to strengthen practice and reduce liability, contact our consultants today.

On-Site Assessment

During an on-site assessment, you can expect our team of experts to arrive and assess every component of your dental office infection control procedures. The on-site assessment involves reviewing the current infection control program, including the risk assessment.

Our team will revise your practice’s documentation to align with federal infection control requirements and national guidelines. Upon completing the on-site assessment, we will send over a report outlining the findings and suggestions for improving infection control at your facility.

We will help you meet your goals of infection prevention and control. Further, we will ensure your facility’s protocols align with our expectations. Our services and assessments will keep your dental practice at low risk of infection. For example, we have helped dental clients improve sterilization processes to ensure patients receive sterile instruments every time.

Our recommendations may include educating staff about hand hygiene, waste handling and disposal, sterilization practices, and dental surgical services.

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Your facility will need to move beyond merely adhering to OSHA requirements. One of the essential services we provide for dental practices and healthcare facilities is infection control education.

Every staff member working at your facility will need the necessary education to prepare for following the goals and methods essential to protect patients. With our help, you can develop an effective and tailored education program that you can slightly alter in case of new health risks, procedures or products.

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Our infection control program is designed specifically for onboarding novice staff and teaching them essential infection prevention strategies. Our onboarding process involves infection control education, which is crucial to patient safety and preventive dental care.

Infection Control Results has extensive experience in onboarding infection prevention specialists. We will ensure that the infection control coordinator in your dental office knows how to adhere to guidelines and regulations and how to remedy infection control breaches.

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HAI Prevention

Preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAI) is essential for improved patient safety and satisfaction. Additionally, preventing occupational exposures is essential to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

As such, infection prevention is vital at any healthcare facility. With our help, you will gain the knowledge and resources to prevent infections from patient to patient, staff to patient or patient to staff .

We provide remote assistance and can help your staff ensure you remain compliant with state requirements, federal law and best practice. We will also set up a plan to decrease the risk of infection at your facility. As a result, you can maintain confidence in our ability to provide effective infection control at your dental office and keep your practice out of the headlines.

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COVID Protocols

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring changing COVID protocols, with the CDC releasing new information regularly. As a result, you will need expert help in adhering to COVID protocols, altering guidelines, and decreasing risk to staff and patients. Our specialists can perform a virtual or in-person visit to develop solutions to keep your patients and staff safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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With Infection Control Results, you can gain significant advantages for your dental office infection control procedures, including improvements in education and onboarding for your staff, and enhanced prevention of healthcare-associated infections.

Working With Infection Control Results

To learn more about how Infection Control Results can help your healthcare facility keep your patients protected from HAIs, call us today at 704-207-7046 or request a consultation at the link below.