Dialysis Centers

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Infection Control Results consults dialysis centers on critical ways to prevent healthcare associated infections among this vulnerable patient population. Moreover, we will inspect equipment, documents, and assess routines to ensure everything is consistent with current guidelines and best practice, often training other professionals along the way. Some of the areas in which we can help dialysis centers with infection control are as follows.

On-Site Assessment

To stay on top of dialysis center infection control, our on-site assessment services look to evaluate processes for ways the center might be susceptible to the transmission of infection. Although ICR offers an on-site assessment for many types of facilities like hospitals, dental practices and ambulatory centers, special attention is given to dialysis centers for catheter connection and disconnection, cannulation and decannulation, exit site care, microbiological and endotoxin testing, and environmental surface disinfection

When assessing dialysis centers for infection control, the inspection not only includes physical spaces like with other facilities, but will also look at other aspects of care including the plan for infection prevention, the health of the staff, and all equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) on site.

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Infection Control Results offers educational tools to help to reduce the risk of infection to prevent problems. ICR provides classes for different groups on several subjects, each focused on preventing various types of contagions from spreading. Targets for education include medical students and nurses, along with other caregiving professionals. Our company tailors its educational courses to groups who regularly deal with specific situations arising from particular fields of medicine and care. With the flexibility of time and the courses, the education at a dialysis center for infection control can meet the demands of any institution.

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Since the role of being an infection prevention specialist is a demanding one, the onboarding process is crucial in providing essential training. Onboarding typically covers all aspects of infection prevention, including how to make sure one’s facility is compliant with healthcare regulations. Infection Control Results offers services to train specialists to assess sites in the future. We’ll continue to offer support to avoid any confusion to the trained participants. ICR provides onboarding services for new specialists, and those who may wish to refresh their knowledge of protocols and regulations.

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Survey Prep

Another vital service we can provide is CMS survey preparation. Preparing for a survey can be time consuming, and it’s best done with expert oversight. Although these surveys are random, if the facility expects to get the combined CMS and accreditation survey, the logistics can cause chaos for anyone. ICR offers mock surveys to expose where any gaps may appear or weak areas that could develop into problems with time. Our company will follow survey prep with an assessment report and other educational training, utilizing other services offered by ICR on its own. Review the detailed assessment report and other survey prep feedback to ensure you are prepared for an upcoming survey.

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HAI Prevention

Considering how serious of a problem infection can be for dialysis centers, having at least one staff member who’s specially trained in healthcare associated infection (HAI) prevention is crucial. Preventing bloodstream infections in this patient population must remain a priority as evidenced by the numerous outbreaks among end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients. This level of scrutiny and precaution isn’t only for the patients, but also to make sure that dialysis facility practices align with current guidelines and regulations. One of our infection control consultants can complete an on-site visit or provide remote assistance if preferred. .

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COVID Protocols

Part of dialysis center infection control is learning to adapt to new pathogens. Infection Control Results helps dialysis centers create plans and protocols to reduce the risk posed by COVID-19. A proactive approach is crucial for so many medical facilities that are constantly scrambling to keep up with changing protocols and requirements.

ICR offers consultation for several medical facilities like dental practices, care homes, dialysis centers, and hospitals. Even non-medical entities may have a need for a better understanding of COVID-19 protocols. Moreover, ICR can help suggest the best variety of COVID-19 prevention supplies to any dialysis center for infection control.

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Contact an Infection Control Consultant Today

With such a crucial job of keeping each patient and member of staff safe, it is vital to utilize an experienced infection control consultant concerning dialysis center infection control. The Infection Control Results team can make sure your facility is up to date with regulations and best practices. Whether you are at a dialysis center or other medical facility seeking guidance on infection control, ICR is here to help. Contact Infection Control results today to speak with one of our consultants to learn more about our dialysis center infection control training services.

Working With Infection Control Results

To learn more about how Infection Control Results can help your healthcare facility keep your patients protected from HAIs, call us today at 704-207-7046 or request a consultation at the link below.