Infection Control

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Infection Control Education: Developing your plan

One of the most important aspects of a good infection prevention system is infection control education. It's not enough to simply create and implement a prevention plan. You need to ensure that every person involved in patient care thoroughly understands the goals and the processes associated with this system. What's more, you need a flexible method for continuing infection control education that you can quickly put into place when protocols change, new services are added, and/or new health threats arise.

Infection control continuing education

At Infection Control Results we will create an educational course based on your facility’s specific needs. This course will include handouts and speaker’s notes, as well as any digital tools you may need. Once your infection control educational course is developed, we will work with your infection preventionist or education specialist to help them provide the education your staff and providers need. We are also available to provide interactive education at your facility, such as during lunch hours or during an evening shift. We are also happy to offer a webinar so that staff members can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Just a few examples of courses we've recently created for clients include infection control educational programs on bloodborne pathogens, infection prevention orientation for new employees and courses on the prevention of device-related infections, multiple drug resistant organism infection, clostridium difficile (c diff) infection and surgical site infections. We can also develop infection control education for a specific group of personnel such as medical residents, physicians, or ultrasound staff.

Benefits of Good Infection Preventionist Education

A good infection prevention education plan doesn't just help your facility meet your accreditation requirements. It helps to save lives. According to the CDC, a good infection prevention plan (with continuing infection control education) can help reduce patient deaths from healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) by more than 70 percent.

Working With Infection Control Results

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