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Infection Control Education: Developing your plan

One of the most important aspects of a good infection prevention system is infection control education. It's not enough to simply create and implement a prevention plan. You need to ensure that every person involved in patient care thoroughly understands the goals and the processes associated with this system. What's more, you need a flexible method for continuing infection control education that you can quickly put into place when protocols change, new services are added, and/or new health threats arise.


Infection control continuing education

At Infection Control Results we will create an educational course based on your facility’s specific needs. This course will include handouts and speaker’s notes, as well as any digital tools you may need. Once your infection control educational course is developed, we will work with your infection preventionist or education specialist to help them provide the education your staff and providers need. We are also available to provide interactive education at your facility, such as during lunch hours or during an evening shift. We are also happy to offer a webinar so that staff members can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Just a few examples of courses we've recently created for clients include infection control educational programs on bloodborne pathogens, infection prevention orientation for new employees and courses on the prevention of device-related infections, multiple drug resistant organism infection, clostridium difficile (c diff) infection and surgical site infections. We can also develop infection control education for a specific group of personnel such as medical residents, physicians, or ultrasound staff, or ultrasound staff to ensure optimal patient safety.

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Infection Prevention Education and Training For Your Practice

   Ambulatory surgery centers (ASC)

We offer staff education for hand hygiene best practices, sharps safety, infection practices, and sterilization/high-level disinfection including:

  • Immediate-use steam sterilization
  • Point of care tests
  • Environmental cleaning
  • Patient care equipment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Cough etiquette
  • Spinal injection procedures
  • And more

Our experienced infection prevention and control education programs also offer resources for proper waste handling and disposal, preventing surgical site infections, construction and renovation best practices, along with appropriate sterile processing workflow to ensure maximum protection in your ASC.


Protect your hospital from emerging infectious diseases with staff education for personal protective equipment, transmission-based precautions, cough etiquette and more. Here is what you can expect from our education programs:

  • Antimicrobial stewardship
  • Employee health education
  • Hand hygiene best practices
  • Patient care equipment
  • Single-use device education
  • Point of care testing
  • Patient care medical devices
  • Sterilization and high-level disinfection

In addition, our staff education also includes resources for sterile processing departments, airborne isolation rooms, and procedure rooms. We help in preventing exposure for spinal injection procedures and surgical procedures.

   Long Term Care And Rehabilitation Facilities

We offer a wider range of staff education services for long-term care and rehabilitation facilities to ensure proper staff education for infection prevention and control. We help prepare your facility for environmental infection control, paying special attention to shower rooms, food preparation areas, and physical/occupational therapy rooms. Additionally, our education programs can assist with staff education regarding:

  • Hand hygiene and employee health
  • Injection practices and sharps safety
  • Single-use devices and PPE
  • Patient care equipment
  • Cough etiquette
  • And more

Additionally, we can help differentiate procedures for C diff and norovirus handling, TB screening, vaccines, linen handling, antimicrobial stewardship, isolation precautions, and even dental procedures in your facility (if applicable).

   Dental And Medical Practices

We specialize in infection control education for dental and medical practices of all sizes. Through years of dedicated experience, we've developed robust programs for your specific practice to maximize staff education and minimize patient exposure.

  • High-level disinfection and sterilization
  • Cold chemical sterilization
  • Hand hygiene and cough etiquette
  • Injection practices and sharps safety
  • Single-use device best practices
  • Environmental infection control
  • Waste disposal
  • Patient infection processes
  • Construction and renovation recommendations
  • Dental waterline flushing and oral surgery

Why Choose ICR For Your Infection Control Practices?

Through over 20 years of experience, our team has tailored infection control training for countless healthcare personnel to ensure effective education in preventing exposure and creating safer healthcare facilities. We prepare your facility or practice for emerging threats and improve adherence through personalized training programs for infection prevention and control. Whether it is protocols for hand hygiene, waste management, occupational safety, potentially infectious materials, or general disease control and prevention — we can help create easy-to-follow infection control procedures for your healthcare settings.

We've spent decades helping healthcare workers improve infection prevention and reduce emerging infectious diseases from spreading. Our education and training programs are designed specifically for infection prevention and control. Our comprehensive education solutions offer unmatched resources for healthcare personnel to ensure patient safety throughout your entire facility.

Benefits of Good Infection Preventionist Education

A good infection prevention education plan doesn't just help your facility meet your accreditation requirements. It helps to save lives. According to the CDC, a good infection prevention plan (with continuing infection control education) can help reduce patient deaths from healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) by more than 70 percent. In environments where easily transmitted diseases and pathogens can cling to medical devices and even staff, we provide comprehensive education and training programs for disease control and prevention that are focused on your unique practice.

From appropriate personal protective equipment and hand hygiene best practices to orientation for new employees and robust guidelines for infection prevention and control, ICR offers decades of experience in education.

Working With Infection Control Results

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