COVID-19 Protocols for Businesses

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COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines

Exposure to and infection with COVID-19 solely depends on the exposure risk, which is why healthcare institutions must have a plan in place to prevent and minimize the transmission of COVID-19. Guidelines, and laws in some states, have introduced several protocols to help companies continue to operate safely during the pandemic to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. As a business owner, it’s vital that update COVID-19 workplace guidelines are updated to reflect current recommendations to ensure your team is adequately protected, comfortable, and productive. Guidelines include vaccinations, as well as adhering to physical distancing, wearing masks, ventilation, and regularly sanitizing.

Do You Have a COVID-19 Workplace Policy?

Creating a COVID-19 workplace policy is vital in upholding a safe environment for your facilities, patients, and employees. As an employer, you must take steps to help limit the spread of COVID-19 by implementing clear policies and procedures. These guidelines can include vaccinations, adhering to social distancing, wearing masks, and regularly sanitizing. While creating and maintaining protocols is a significant undertaking, ensuring the health and safety of your clients or customers and employees is vital to the continued growth of your institution. It’s also important to account for and follow your state’s requirements for COVID-19 workplace safety.

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State Requirements

Protecting workers, customers, and their families from the risk of being infected by COVID-19 is a top priority. However, many states have lifted multiple requirements such as mask mandates while indoors, which may discourage employees from returning to work. Be on the front line of prevention while reassuring employees and customers that your business cares about them. Employers and businesses should devise a plan to prepare and implement COVID-19 protective measures to prevent exposure and subsequent infection. It’s crucial for every company to stay updated on current state laws and guidance to ensure that both patrons and employees are safe. A few of the standard COVID-19 guidelines for workplace safety are:

  • Getting a COVID-19 vaccine
  • Wearing masks
  • Physical distancing
  • Frequent use of soap and water or hand sanitizer
  • Increased ventilation

Example Policy

OSHA issues resources to help businesses identify exposure risks, allowing them to take appropriate actions to prevent COVID-19 exposure and infection. Although not law, OSHA provides guidance for businesses and employees during the pandemic. In addition to the standard federal requirements for workplace safety, businesses have also adopted several practical COVID-19 workplace policies or guidelines, such as:

  • Staggering employee shifts and reducing the proportion of employees where there’s increased risk of contracting COVID-19 disease.
  • Reducing the degree to which your employees interact with the public in person or decreasing the number of people in a space to encourage physical distancing.
  • Feasibility of continuing your operations by telework and allowing sick leave for those infected.
  • Providing both necessary disinfectants and alcohol-based hand sanitizers, as well as the required guidelines needed for protection.

Boost Your COVID-19 Protocol With Infection Control Visits

We can perform a physical or virtual visit to help you determine the best solutions that will ensure the safety of your customers and employees during the pandemic. Our team of skilled professionals has worked with a variety of businesses over the last several years. It is our goal to provide the tools to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace, which not only improves employee morale, but also decreases sick days and unexpected employee shortage.

Choosing a suitable disinfectant for your workspace can be daunting with endless products on the market. From sifting through an infinite list and different active ingredients to speaking with various salespersons – you’re likely to get exhausted. We’ll save you the struggle of choosing disinfectants by recommending the best solution for your workplace. Our consultants will also provide educational materials and posters to help inform your team about opportunities for protection.

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Benefits of an Infection Control Visit for Your COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines

Having a team of skilled professionals from Infection Control Results assess your workplace will help boost existing COVID-19 protocols and informed decisions regarding COVID-19 prevention. An infection control visit will assess the risks involved in your work environment, recommend the best products to use based on your needs, and provide you with necessary educational materials. Making sound decisions will help your employees stay safe, and lower the chances of transmitting COVID-19 to their loved ones or clients.

Working With Infection Control Results

To learn more about how Infection Control Results can help your healthcare facility keep your patients protected from HAIs, call us today at 704-207-7046 or request a consultation at the link below.