Ambulatory Surgery Center Infection Control

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Ambulatory surgery centers have a range of specific infection control needs based on specialty. Because of this, it’s vital to work with an experienced infection control consultant who is familiar with your particular industry and focus. Infection Control Results is ready to help you excel in managing your ambulatory surgery center infection control processes, so you can keep your patients and care team safe.

On-Site Assessment

Here at Infection Control Results, we see value in studying your current infection control procedures. Our team will visit your ambulatory surgery center to perform a thorough on-site assessment and gap analysis. We will:

  • Assess your facility’s current ambulatory infection prevention program to include risk evaluation.
  • Observe practice in preparation/holding areas, recovery, and procedure or operating rooms.
  • Perform a high-level disinfection and instrument cleaning and sterilization assessment.
  • Update critical documents to verify you are up to date and in compliance with the CMS conditions for coverage and accreditation agency requirements.
  • Examine and rework specific policies.
  • Share and explain updated procedures to key personnel.
  • Create a detailed written report outlining findings and recommendations for improvement.

We have structured our on-site assessment in a way that helps you identify gaps in your current ambulatory infection control protocols that often go unnoticed. Together, we will optimize your existing procedures to streamline future care.

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Infection control training is vital for all staff regardless of their employment level. New employees may have received training before starting at your ambulatory surgery center, but that doesn’t mean they’re familiar with specific practices that strengthen infection prevention in your speciality.

We will create a personalized education plan based on your team’s unique needs. Whether this includes a visit to your facility for interactive education or remote webinars, Infection Control Results is ready to assist you. We will even manage orientation for new hires, and provide educational courses on all aspects of ambulatory surgery center infection control.

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We provide onboarding and continuing education services for infection prevention specialists. This helps keep your policies up to date by ensuring that your team is familiar with the latest regulations, recommendations, and industry happenings. Novice infection control specialists need the education and training to give them confidence, and by providing excellent training and onboarding, you attract the best talent.

Our well-rounded onboarding programs help you remain compliant and informed of best practices, current federal and state mandates, and minimize the likelihood of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). Infection Control Results will help you bring each new hire up to speed quickly and efficiently, so you’ll only have the best infection preventionists at your ambulatory surgery center.

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Survey Prep

If you have a CMS or accreditation survey coming up, we can help you prepare. We will start by assessing your staff’s knowledge and current processes, so any gaps in education and practice can be addressed before the surveyors arrive. We present a mock survey that allows your team to understand protocols, and settle nerves before it’s time for the real visit. Our specialists can also visit your location should an on-site assessment be of value.

From here, we provide a detailed report that indicates gaps, and help you design a tailored plan to meet your ambulatory surgery center infection control goals. We also offer a post-survey continuing education plan to make your survey prep easier in the future.

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HAI Prevention

Preventing surgical site infections and other HAIs is vital in healthcare. We offer remote HAI surveillance which allows us to make sure you are compliant with all reporting requirements. This information can also be used to assess whether you have more surgical site infections than expected, which then allows our team to help you create a customized ambulatory surgery center infection control reduction and prevention plan.

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COVID-19 Protocols

We work with healthcare facilities of every kind to help care team managers remain up to date with COVID protocols and guidelines, including sustainable approaches to reduce the future transmission of respiratory diseases in your ambulatory surgery center. We will help you select the best hand sanitizers and disinfectants, and provide COVID protocol support virtually or through an on-site assessment. The pandemic remains unpredictable and is certainly not over yet. Making sure that your protocols protect staff, patients, and visitors is vital to the future of your care facility, especially with the number of patients who pass through your doors.

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Contact an Infection Control Consultant Today

Ambulatory surgery centers need to have infection control top of mind. Whether a patient, visitor, or staff member, each of these parties expect to be protected when entering your facility. Our infection control services will help you with proper education and onboarding, CMS survey prep, and on-site assessments of your existing protocols, including COVID protocols. Contact our skilled infection control consultants today to learn how we can help you.

Working With Infection Control Results

To learn more about how Infection Control Results can help your healthcare facility keep your patients protected from HAIs, call us today at 704-207-7046 or request a consultation at the link below.