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An Experienced Infection Control Consultant You Can Trust

Infection control education is a foundational requirement for health care employees as it allows for optimal patient safety and preventative medicine. The transforming landscape of infection prevention and control has increased the demand for skilled infection preventionists. Adhering to regulatory standards is crucial for patient health and safety, and to protect your organization from fines and litigation.

Infection Control Results has robust expertise in onboarding infection preventionists and consulting. Our program goes beyond the basic infection prevention course and surveillance criteria assistance. You can trust us to ensure that your new infection preventionist is well-informed about infection control guidelines, federal law, and evidence-based practice.

What to Expect From Our Infection Control Program

Our program is specially designed for the onboarding and acclimation of novice infection prevention specialists into this complex role. We equip your infection prevention specialists with infection control guidelines, and ensure that they follow all accreditation and Medicare requirements.

Those participating in our robust training program have access to case-by-case telephone consultations to answer any questions, help to reduce confusion with surveillance criteria, and guidance in establishing a strong practice foundation to help the novice infection prevention specialist grow and excel in their position. We also offer continuing education opportunities and industry-specific resources that go beyond basic coursework.


Why Choose ICR Infection Prevention Onboarding?

Infection Control Results is composed of very knowledgeable industry professionals that have years of clinical experience in infection prevention in both military and civilian healthcare. With ICR, your facility is sure to benefit in the following ways:

   Update Infection

Using continuing education to stay up-to-date with infection control policies is crucial for the following reasons:

  • When your infection control specialist is up-to-date with federal mandates and current recommended practices, they will be in a better position to formulate facility policies.
  • Healthcare regulations and guidance are always evolving, so you need a professional that is knowledgeable about these changes.
  • Onboarding allows your infection prevention specialist to remain up-to-date with emerging issues in the healthcare field, such as pandemics and multiple drug resistant organisms and how to deal with them.
  • Onboarding keeps your infection prevention specialist current with the latest infection control evidence-based practice.

   Decrease Healthcare Associated Infections

Infection control onboarding and consulting can reduce healthcare-associated infections by:

  • Equipping the novice with up-to-date knowledge to prevent healthcare-associated infections.
  • Ensuring that your infection prevention specialist is competent in their role, and more likely to decrease risks for HAIs to both patients and staff.
  • Increases the confidence of the novice so that they are more efficient in preventing HAIs.
  • Allowing you to retain the best talent so that your infection prevention program is in safe and able hands.
  • Decreasing the amount of time needed for your infection prevention specialist to become productive in their new role.
  • Providing an opportunity for the novice infection prevention specialist to consult with an experienced infection preventionist when issues or problems arise throughout the onboarding program.

   Assure Compliance

Remaining compliant with healthcare requirements is vital, and continuing education through ICR can ensure:

  • ducation based on the infection preventionist’s current knowledge foundation, so time isn’t wasted with unnecessary repetition.
  • Adherence to current requirements and laws thus saving your facility from litigation, OSHA fines, and Medicare complaints.
  • Compliance to health standards and prevents your organization from facing fines.
  • Continuous learning to keep specialists up-to-date with new regulations.
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Benefits of a Designated Infection Prevention Specialist

Having a designated employee to help monitor and implement your health care facility's infection prevention protocol is recommended by the CDC to reduce HAIs in clinical settings. This is also a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) requirement. A designated infection prevention specialist provides accountability for your current HAI prevention strategies, and streamlines communication for healthcare employees with questions and concerns. The best strategies for stopping the spread of microorganisms in your facility will be implemented by an infection prevention specialist. Your current infection control program will also be maintained and updated, so staff can implement best practices. Having someone in charge of your infection prevention program allows your facility to be flexible, and adapt easily to new challenges and hurdles.

Working With Infection Control Results

To learn more about how Infection Control Results can help your healthcare facility keep your patients protected from HAIs, call us today at 704-207-7046 or request a consultation at the link below.
call us today at 704-207-7046 or request a consultation at the link below.