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An Infection Control Consultant with years of experience

One of the prime services that we offer at Infection Control Results is novice infection prevention specialist onboarding and consulting. This is continuing education over and above the basic infection prevention course and/or surveillance criteria assistance. We make sure that your facility falls directly in line with standard infection control guidelines.

About our infection control training program

As part of our onboarding program, we provide on-boarding of novice Infection prevention specialists. Our onboarding helps the novice to become better acquainted with his or her complex new role and to improve the effectiveness of the overall program. We make sure that your infection preventionist understands infection control guidelines and adheres to all accredited bodies. We've found that our onboarding program also helps new infection prevention specialists to become competent (and confident) in their role in a much shorter time than without onboarding.

Our on-boarding program includes telephone consultations (as needed) to answer questions, help reduce surveillance criteria confusion and help assist the novice to build a strong practice foundation to help them excel at their new position. We also provide continuing education beyond the basic course work as well as resources for the novice to use.

Benefits of a designated infection prevention specialist

Having a designated employee to help monitor and implement your health care facility's infection prevention protocols is one of the chief things that the CDC recommends to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in clinical settings. The risks of HAIs is very real. More than 700,000 patients in the United States are affected by HAIs each year and approximately 75,000 die for these infections.

A designated infection prevention specialist provides accountability to your HAI prevention systems and makes it easy for healthcare employees to know whom to see with their infection control questions and/or concerns. She or he will also maintain and update Infection Control construction checklist. In addition, having someone in charge of your infection prevention allows your facility to be flexible and adapt easily to new challenges, such as an outbreak of flu in your area. A situation like this outlines why knowing the infection control guidelines is extremely crucial.

Working With Infection Control Results

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