On-Site Infection

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We align with Medicare Conditions of Participation

Infection Control Results operates and aligns completely with CMS conditions of participation (Medicare Conditions
of Participation), which are more stringent than accrediting body requirements.

What Happens During an On-Site Infection Prevention Assessment?

Our professional team will come to your facility and do a thorough evaluation of all areas at your current practice. This assessment includes looking at your existing infection prevention program, risk assessment, and evaluation, and revising these documents to comply with accreditation and CMS conditions of participation. We also review and revise specific policies, based on your needs and will help to educate key personnel regarding the new infection prevention program.

Our on-site assessment varies somewhat depending on
what type of facility we are working with. In addition to
evaluating the existing infection prevention program,
we assess...
   Ambulatory surgery centers (ASC)

Staff education, hand hygiene, injection practices and sharps safety, sterilization and high-level disinfection including immediate use steam sterilization, point of care devices, personal protective equipment, cough etiquette, spinal injection procedures, waste handling and disposal, surgical services including pre-and post-operative, construction and renovation sites (if applicable), air exchanges and linen handling.


Staff education, antimicrobial stewardship, personal protective equipment, transmission based precautions, employee health, hand hygiene, injection practices and sharps safety, environmental services, cough etiquette, single use devices, point of care devices,l inen handling, sterilization and high-level disinfection, spinal injection procedures, surgical procedures including anesthesia services and air exchanges and pressures in ORs, sterile processing department, airborne isolation rooms and procedure rooms.

   Long term care and rehabilitation facilities

Staff education, employee health, hand hygiene, injection practices and sharps safety, single use devices, personal protective equipment, cough etiquette. Environmental infection control - observe the enviroment with special attention to shower rooms and physical/occupational therapy rooms, point of care devices, food preparation areas, handling of culture results, how cases of C diff and norovirus are handled, TB screening, influenza and pneumococcal vaccines, linen handling, antimicrobial stewardship and construction/renovation areas (if applicable), transmision based (isolation) precautions. Dental Services (if dental services are provided at your facility) Processes relating to instrument decontamination and sterilization and instrument transport.

   Dental and medical practices

Staff education, employee health, cough etiquette, high-level disinfection and sterilization, hand hygiene, injection practices and sharps safety, single use devices, environmental infection control, waste disposal, processes for patients with infection, construction/renovation areas (if applicable), dental waterline flushing, oral surgery.


Risk assessment, evaluation and annual plan, specific policies, staff education and training related to infection prevention, employee health, cough etiquette/respiratory hygiene, hand hygiene, PPE, injection practices and sharps safety, single use devices, environmental infection control, regulated and non-regulated waste handling/disposal, process for patients with infection, transmission based precautions, catheter and vascular access care, dialysis stations, environmental surface disinfection, dialysis water quality, microbiologic/endotoxin testing results

After the assessment, we will provide a detailed written report of our findings with recommendations for improvement. We will continue to work with you to help you reach your stated infection control goals, and will always align with CMS conditions of participation.

* Infection Control Results is also able to do a focused assessment for facilities that have a more specific problem or concern. We have worked with more Clostridium difficile infections in the past, and can tailor our services to your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a specific problem, we are glad to help. Infection Control Results will also ensure that your facility aligns with the CMS conditions of participation. We can’t wait to work with you today!

Working With Infection Control Results

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