Disinfection Assessment

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An experienced, certified infection preventionist will visit your facility for the express purpose of assessing sterilization and/or high-level disinfection practices in all areas within the facility where these processes occur.

In acute care hospitals, high-level disinfection may be centralized, performed in various departments throughout the hospital, or a combination of both approaches may be found. In a decentralized approach, we typically visit Cardiology, Radiology Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Respiratory Therapy, and Anesthesia. We will also visit Intensive Care Units and Emergency Department(s) to determine ‘after hours’ care of flexible scopes if these instruments are used in those areas. Whether your facility is an acute care hospital, endoscopy center, or ambulatory surgery center, all aspects of high-level disinfection are reviewed, including pre-cleaning, transport, cleaning, manual or automated high-level disinfection soaking process, and storage.

Similarly, we will visit all areas performing sterilization and/or instrument decontamination such as the Sterile Processing Department (SPD), a mini-SPD contained within the surgical suite, C-section operating room (if applicable) and the Surgical Suite. In the hospital setting, a sample of inpatient units and clinics that send instruments to SPD will also be visited. In both hospitals and ambulatory settings, we will observe decontamination for manual and/or automated washing, instrument preparation and packaging as well as sterilizer loading/unloading and instrument transport to decontamination and after sterilization. Inpatient units and clinic visits will focus on instrument handling after use and transport either to SPD or a location within the clinic or unit such as a dirty utility room.

The length of time required to evaluated disinfection practices will vary according to the size of the facility. Generally speaking, hospital assessments will take 2-3 days while ambulatory settings usually require a one day visit.

Working With Infection Control Results

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