Preparing You For The Big Survey

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Survey Prep

Preparing for an accreditation or Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) certification survey is a significant undertaking, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number and depth of infection control standards to which your facility must adhere. However, with proper preparation you will have a much better chance of not being cited for infection control deficiencies. These surveys are important assessments designed to make sure that a healthcare facility meets all the infection prevention and control Medicare and Medicaid conditions of participation and accrediting agency standards

Why Undergo Accreditation?

We work with your facility to develop compliant protocols, processes, and strategies to achieve successful certification and accreditation through trusted survey prep from experienced professionals. There are a wide range of accreditations that facilities could achieve to gain a competitive edge, provide credibility, and showcase a commitment to patient safety. State survey agencies and nationally-recognized health care accreditation organizations strengthen your business from the ground up. ICR can help you with:

CMS Certification

Facilities are encouraged to participate in CMS as involvement offers several benefits, such as:

  • The provider can meet patient safety standards by demonstrating compliance with regulations and guidelines
  • A commitment to high-quality healthcare is demonstrated by ensuring secure services for patients
  • Improving infection prevention practices may increase the likelihood of receiving full reimbursement
  • CMS certification allows a facility to continue to serve Medicare and Medicaid recipients
  • Avoid CMS imposed Civil Monetary Payments (CMP) for noncompliance

Accreditation Surveys

We work with inpatient and outpatient (ambulatory) facilities to prepare for intensive accreditation surveys to:

  • Prepare your team for an on-site survey
  • Undergo mock interviews with real-time feedback
  • Obtain guidance from an experienced survey prep professional
  • Save time and money
  • Elevate patient-safety standards and obtain recognition
  • Learn up-to-date practices and processes needed to comply with federal, state, and local laws
  • Attract and retain top-tier talent for your organization
  • Gain financial benefits and vendor advantages through accreditation

Preparing For the Survey

Although it is ideal to begin preparing for the survey at least four months in advance, we are available to perform a mock survey at any point within the survey window. Infection Control Results audits your facility and identifies areas where improvements may be required. We offer survey prep services to assess your staff’s awareness of infection prevention measures, and the appropriate systems for patient care. It ensures that everyone in the entity will efficiently respond to the surveyor’s questions when they arrive.

How We Help You Meet Survey Standards

Our survey preparation approach is thorough and extensive, so we can ensure our clients get the most accurate results. To achieve this, our consultants use various methods ranging from mock surveys, detailed reports of facility results, and areas of improvement to personalized strategies to eliminate problems, progress check-ins down the line, and post-survey education.

Work With ICR

Conduct Mock Surveys

Our team improves the facility’s survey preparation in the following ways:

  • Track Methodology: Follow significant infection control processes throughout the facility.
  • Real-time Mock Surveys: Mock surveys utilize the agendas and evaluation tools actual surveyors use.
  • Using All CMS and accreditation agency infection control standards: All infection control standards are applied where applicable.
  • Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QA/PI) Measures: We will work with your facility to meet QA/PI requirements
  • Fine-tuning Strategies: Your current strategies are optimized to help current surveyors cope when survey time comes.
  • In-Person Activities: Our team works hand-in-hand with your staff to educate them about survey activities.
  • Measures and Procedures: Assess compliance and check for potential deficiencies in your system.
  • Infection Control Measures: Full evaluation of compliance with applicable standards, federal and state laws

Detailed Reporting

ICR can gather a comprehensive overview of your facility’s compliance with an accreditation organization’s requirements through detailed reporting. It includes a summary of the facility’s compliance status to include the number of deficiencies found and their severity. A list of recommendations to correct any problematic areas is also provided.

Personalized Strategy

Every pain point, potential shortcoming, and area of improvement is reviewed by ICR to create a personalized plan to help your facility meet its goals and pass the upcoming survey. Our strategy will be developed after a thorough analysis of your facility’s current state and needs. A few of the ways to achieve this is by:

  • Implementing corrective actions to address the issues identified in the facility’s survey.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the disciplinary actions taken.
  • Creating an implementation timeline for the corrective action.
  • Providing ongoing support throughout the process.

Follow Up

We work hand-in-hand by regularly monitoring staff progress, and preparing for the survey closer to the deadline. As part of our follow-up strategy, we conduct periodic actual or virtual visits to check progress, if desired. This approach aims to ensure that your facility has implemented the recommended changes, and that those changes have been effective in improving patient outcomes.

We also offer a post-survey education program to help bolster compliance. To identify areas for inservice education, we consider the following:

  • The facility’s past survey reports
  • Knowledge and training gaps
  • Identified areas of improvement

Accreditation Survey Plays on Facilities

Accreditation is not just about meeting the minimum requirements set forth by a recognized organization. There are many different roles that accreditation plays for facilities with deemed status. These include:

  1. Demonstrating Compliance: Indicates that the facility complies with federal laws, rules, and regulations which are incorporated into the accrediting organization’s standards.
  2. Improving Patient Safety: Reducing risk factors like infection control deficiencies, errors, and medical device failures improves patient safety.
  3. Reducing Risk for Patients: Risks associated with patients exposed to poor health care practices are decreased.
  4. Promoting Quality Care: Standards promote best practices in healthcare.
  5. Deeming Authority: Reduces the likelihood of a second survey specific to CMS requirements.

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