Preparing you for the big survey

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Survey Prep for Infection Control

Preparing for a CMS or accreditation survey can make even the calmest health care administrator a little nervous. These surveys, which are necessary for maintaining your facility's Medicare/Medicaid and other programs, are unannounced and happen on an average of every three years. They are important assessments designed to make sure that a healthcare facility meets all the Medicare conditions of participation in infection prevention.

Preparing for the survey

Ideally, your facility should start preparing at least four months before you anticipate the survey. Infection Control Results can help you make sure that your facility meets all the Medicare conditions of participation/for coverage and is ready for the survey. Our survey prep services assess your staff's knowledge about current infection prevention standards and ensure that they understand the proper systems for safe patient care. This way, when the surveyors come, everyone at your facility will be at ease and easily respond to surveyor’s questions.

How we help you meet the Medicare conditions of participation

To help your staff feel confident that they are ready to succeed during a CMS survey, we start by performing a mock survey. In addition to completing an out brief after a mock survey, we complete a detailed report about how the facility fared and where there may be gaps. Next, we address each point where you could improve and will work with you to create a tailored plan to help you meet this goal. We are with you through every step of the preparation process. We can perform another site visit to monitor your staff’s progress as you work to prepare for the survey and even offer a post-survey continuing education plan, so that you’ll have less work to do to prepare for the next survey cycle.

Working With Infection Control Results

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